St. Louis Wedding Awards Table

By Kimberly Wallner

Weddings are our first love, but it’s always so much fun to design a unique one-off table for an event like the St. Louis Wedding Awards! Events like this give us a chance to do things, like build a custom centerpiece structure, that wouldn’t be practical for a wedding or large-scale event.

This past years’ Wedding Awards theme was “Pick Your Palette” and each designer selected three colors to build their table around. For our Table Ten & Belli Fiori table, we wanted to mix modern and classic elements, and chose a color palette of green, pale blue and white, with accents of bronze and silver.

The first step was to select a linen, which would act as the base to our design. We were looking for something unique, preferably with a fun texture, and decided on a light blue leather dot linen. To complement the modern linen, we opted to use the white Leather Back Chair from Aries Party Rental.

On the tabletop, we selected a Silver Swirl charger paired with bronze flatware and a hunter green napkin to bring in more classic yet unexpected elements. Silvery-bronze pedestal bowls of greenery and julep cups of hydrangea sat at the base of the tall, custom centerpiece to tie all the elements together.

Since garlands played a large role in many of our weddings this past year, Lisa envisioned using garland in an unexpected way for this table. When she showed the team a sketch of her idea to have a large garland “halo” we were all a bit skeptical, but with a little ingenuity we were able to custom build a structure to support the garland, which we affectionately nicknamed “Caesar” for it’s resemblance to a Roman laurel crown. This motif was carried down to the tabletop with smaller greenery rings on the chargers. Ironically, the people seated at our table ended up wearing them as crowns by the end of the night!

We loved the way this table came together and had so much fun bringing it to life (except perhaps Sandra, who spent several hours on the tiny wreaths)!