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Sea of Orchids: A Modern Wedding At Palladium

March 31st, 2016

Posted by Kimberly Wallner

Last month we were honored to be named Florist of the Year at the annual St. Louis Wedding Awards. We submitted three weddings to be judged by industry experts in other cities, and were so thrilled to bring home the title for the second time! Our previous post featuring Catherine and Will’s winter wedding at the Peabody was our first entry, and today’s feature was our second.

Sara and Brent were brought to us by Lacy Branch Events, and we knew immediately that this would be a fun one. Sara LOVES orchids, bold colors, and wanted an inviting reception that included elements of fire, water and earth. We worked with Lacy to design four different centerpieces for the mix of round and king’s tables, which utilized the most stunning fuchsia Phaelaenopsis Orchids, as well as Dendrobium Orchids, stock, snapdragons and bear grass. Each table also featured water, candles and river rocks to tie in Sara’s theme. The Palladium absolutely glowed as the sun went down and the candles were lit.

Sara’s mom, Betsy, wrote the loveliest description of the space in the letter she sent for our awards submission: “Orchids cascaded around polished rocks setting off the cake table in the front. Floral arrangements at varying heights welcomed guests to their dining tables. The large king’s tables with orchids appearing to be suspended in air as they rested on acrylic risers were illuminated in the soft glow of candles grounded in rocks set in water. The head table continued the theme with a low profile water, rock, and floral arrangement so the wedding party view was unobstructed… The fuchsia orchids were the perfect bold color to complement the earthy elements in the room.” We couldn’t have described it better! It truly was a magical atmosphere.


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Vendor Love:

Wedding Planning and Design: Lacy Branch Events  |  Florist: Belli Fiori  |  Photography: Untamed Heart Photography  |  Venue: Palladium St. Louis  |  Lighting: Millennium Productions 


About Town: Orchid Evenings at The New York Botanical Garden

March 22nd, 2015

Posted by Laura Katherine Smith

IMG_1460 Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.44.11 PM IMG_1390

Let us start by saying how in awe we are of the work that goes in to creating such undeniable beauty. Knowing what it takes to conceptually design an idea, prepare all the details, bring it to life with perfect execution and then maintain it. And when we say “maintain” in this case it means for a solid two months. Granted, orchids are a tad more resilient that the cut flowers we typically work with, but they still need to be nurtured in all shapes and forms.

We had the pleasure of enjoying a Saturday evening at the world renowned New York Botanical Garden in Bronx, NY for The Orchid Show: Chandeliers, Orchid Evenings. The trek to the 250 acres grounds smack in the middle of the upper borough of NYC was not an easy one from Manhattan, but was well worth the journey! Upon arrival through the grand front gates, we got a bit giddy knowing we were experiencing this gorgeous horticultural escape- after hours- under the evening moon. The viewing takes place in NYBG Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, which is a grand glimpse on the outside to what is expected within.

After being greeted by the ever so kind staff at NYBG, we immersed ourselves among the humid setting surrounded by the year round existing plant life. Touring half of the upper level of the Conservatory, you immediately have to look up to discover the vast spanning Oncidium Orchids dangling above your head, shooting out in all directions and illuminated from colored lighting directly placed throughout the space. Impressive for sure, but nothing immediately shocking to the eye… at least not yet. More just a pleasurable moment walking through mossy caskets of Orchid species resolutely placed.

Much easier to view during the day as the sunlight penetrates through the glass panels of the space, evening calls for a more intimate setting with LED lighting from all angles- and in the case of our Orchid Evening, orchid inspired libations and trendy music streaming throughout. Scores of regular species we are so familiar with, to ones we have never heard of were present in making this show an utter success. Various varieties and even cross bred and hybrids made this all so very impressive.

The moment of impact happened once we experienced about two-thirds of the exhibition, where upon returning upstairs and entering the center of the conservatory, we were greeted by a massive (likely 12′ in diameter) three-tiered Living Orchid Chandelier made up of Phalaenopsis Orchids and mosses. It is pure beauty, in your face… and even more exciting, you can walk underneath it and view from all exterior angles on ground level. The amazement of what can be done with orchids is perhaps infinite, but this display is rather breathtaking and will not be forgotten!! -LKS

IMG_1369  IMG_1480 IMG_1479  IMG_1468 IMG_1464  IMG_1463 IMG_1461  IMG_1454 IMG_1450  IMG_1441 IMG_1438  IMG_1410 IMG_1406           IMG_1383



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